Friday, July 31, 2009

My Song !!

How do i begin !!
Just a little about me... I consider myself eclectic (hope thats spelt right)
so music to me is different.

I like varied sound,
like bass, a clap or a matching band,
i like music that sound out, like an untamed hound,
like Flo Rida Right Round,
i like music that makes the lost found,
calls to you with every note and sound,
i like music that makes you free... Like a dog just escaped from the pound,

Music to me is more than keys and notes its life,
like a man finding a new wife,
like a hunter with an hunting knife,

Music is what get us through the day,
your World awoken as you press play,
it an art like moulding Clay,
or acting a new Play,
it does not matter what you Say,
or if you do it your own Way,

i love Rap, because i Love Rhymes,
i love Pop, because i Love them Lines,
i love Soul, because it sound so devine,
i love Country, because it reminds me of Farms and Limes,
i love Gospel, because it lift me up in trying times,
i love Hip-Hop and Rock, it brings back that sun boy

Music and me we are one in each other,
when im on my PSP,PHONE or Ipod please don't bother,
cause im the kind that cant leave its like my brother...

I Could go on and on about how music has improved my life,
but that would probably bore you so amma skip this article and go on to the next !!