Friday, August 28, 2009

Not My Lucky Day. !!... lol

-Hello !!

-Thank God It's Friday (TGIF).... I had a somewhat awesome week !! Well what can i say thank God and special thanks to all you guys that took time to read thru my post and leave your comments much love...x

just wrote a few lines 'bout what happened to me yesterday... I guess the right track for this post will be "Beyonce-Disappear"

so here i go, i guess it was not my lucky day !!

-I sighted this chick from afar, she was looking cool, i guess i could say she was alright,
-I gaze, i stare, her beauty shinning bright like a star at night.

-I'm tempted to move but i'm tryin to fight the urge,
-feeling to weak to battle, i felt a mighty surge.

-What's the worst that can happen?
-What's the worst she could say?
-Gaining courage, i was ready to have it my way !!

-Walking towards the damsel, my kneels getting weak,
-my heart rate 3 times faster, i had no plan, no move, no trick.

-6 feat from me, stood an angel... Oh please God let it be my day *sigh*
-But a front door flung open, she jumps in and was driven away !!! :(

-oh well, oh well, you can't loose what you never had (westlife) *sigh* *sigh*
have a splendid weekend guys !!
Before i'm done....
Lemme just drop a joke for you guys to laught you *** out for the weekend

*A rolling stone... Na person push am

*A stitch in time... Dey prevent further tear,tear !!

*Birds of the same feather... Na the same mama born dem !!

*One good turn... Na power steering cos am !!

*A bird in hand... Na christmas chicken/food be that

*He who laughs last... Na mumu, why him no catch the joke the first time make he laugh when others dey laugh !!

*The patient dog.. Na hunger go kill am....

Safe guys !! Have a splendid weekend.

And go hear Mariah Carey and Rihanna-lovesick (Demo)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good Ol' Days !!

Alright !!

Just posted this for flexing... I guess in a couple of blogs i read through i saw stuff 'bout music... So here's mine... Have u guyz heard this ....::::Beyonce's track "Poison" leaked to the net lyk a week or so ago::::.... And also .....:::Brandy Feat. Neyo "Too Little Too Late" lyk she's tryna make up 4 the poor sales of her '08 Human album::::...

Ok thats that 'bout the new songs i got on my PSP.

Love the blog post by Bubbles on the Homo and Bi stuff... I consider it kind of brave to let out all thoes even in writing so Bigups girl !! Loved your post:::....

Now i'm just reminiscing 'bout the good ol' days b4 our teen, secondary school and university.

Its like now Everyone's always saying i'm a big boy/girl now,
but i still recall how i used to laugh back then when i watched kung pow.

I remember when i used to suck ma face up with katarrh... (hmmm *sigh*)
but now i'd be acting super fly like Shawn Carter... (Jay-Z)

How my folks and i would chill out on my balcony,
and laught to joke that back then seemed so funny.

How i wanted to keep my hair... (gotta cut that school rules)
but now i only care 'bout how many diamonds i wear... lol.

When i used to wear Snicker with my native (traditional atire)
damm was i so,so Naive.

Wear sock with sandals cos i tot it match,
and run out early for 7am mass.

How i used to play hide and seek,
after school at the end of every week.

Cuddling wit a female in my
back then doing only that made u dope.

oh ! And how i lost someone thru chronic stroke,
:( ::..
Remember how i used to hate eating bean and vergie, i pretend then thro 'em sumplace...
Back then my parents where so 4giving, the was so much grace.

How i somtime run around naked (indoors oh)
but now it will look so insane and wicked.

How i used to swim in a small tank !!
Rusty i know, just to be frank.

Jumping and chasing a dove.
And forgeting i was told to put something on the stove.

Oh my the good ol' days are gone now kids are teens and teens are aldult... Make me wonder though that back then everything we do is innocent !! Ah... But i wont trade now for then !! Just tot i should share wit you guy my good ol' days...

By the way coincidentally "good ol's" is also a song by Jojo off her '07 album High Road....... Go here that...xx


What's my favorite colour,
i guess it lies in the feelings i harbour.

It could be no other than GREEN,
like aloe vera, with a touch of cream.

It could be no other than RED,
danger, the type of colour everyone dread.

It could be no other than BLACK,
like a thief trying to hide in the dark.

It could be no other than WHITE,
makes me recall the sayings "Two wrongs don't make a right".

It could be none other than BLUE,
why i like it ??? I don't have a clue.

It could be no other than YELLOW,
it reminds me of a very brave fellow.

It could be no other than PURPLE, it makes me gaze,
i guess it's the reason Cam'ron did purple haze.

It could be no other than PINK,
kindda wanna write with that type of ink.

It could be no other than BROWN,
make me look like a Clown.

It could be no other than ORANGE,
like an overdose will make you feel strange.

It could be no other than LAVENDER,
makes me feel like i could fly from my verander.

It could be no other than INDIGO,
the colour of zain sim pay as you go.

It could be no other than GREY,
make me wanna listen to The Fray or Greenday.

It could be no other than GOLD,
it's the best of them all i'm told.

There's alot of others that i didn't mention,
if i did this could take a year like a retiree waiting for Pension.......