Friday, August 28, 2009

Not My Lucky Day. !!... lol

-Hello !!

-Thank God It's Friday (TGIF).... I had a somewhat awesome week !! Well what can i say thank God and special thanks to all you guys that took time to read thru my post and leave your comments much love...x

just wrote a few lines 'bout what happened to me yesterday... I guess the right track for this post will be "Beyonce-Disappear"

so here i go, i guess it was not my lucky day !!

-I sighted this chick from afar, she was looking cool, i guess i could say she was alright,
-I gaze, i stare, her beauty shinning bright like a star at night.

-I'm tempted to move but i'm tryin to fight the urge,
-feeling to weak to battle, i felt a mighty surge.

-What's the worst that can happen?
-What's the worst she could say?
-Gaining courage, i was ready to have it my way !!

-Walking towards the damsel, my kneels getting weak,
-my heart rate 3 times faster, i had no plan, no move, no trick.

-6 feat from me, stood an angel... Oh please God let it be my day *sigh*
-But a front door flung open, she jumps in and was driven away !!! :(

-oh well, oh well, you can't loose what you never had (westlife) *sigh* *sigh*
have a splendid weekend guys !!
Before i'm done....
Lemme just drop a joke for you guys to laught you *** out for the weekend

*A rolling stone... Na person push am

*A stitch in time... Dey prevent further tear,tear !!

*Birds of the same feather... Na the same mama born dem !!

*One good turn... Na power steering cos am !!

*A bird in hand... Na christmas chicken/food be that

*He who laughs last... Na mumu, why him no catch the joke the first time make he laugh when others dey laugh !!

*The patient dog.. Na hunger go kill am....

Safe guys !! Have a splendid weekend.

And go hear Mariah Carey and Rihanna-lovesick (Demo)


  1. loool @ he who laughs last....not your lucky day huh..every disappointment is a blessing in disguise!

  2. Thanks oh !! Have a splendid weekend !!

  3. I love the naija spin on those cliches.

  4. Hope you have heard it !! Happy new mth in


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