Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A.T.M !! (Addicted To Music)


Happy new month guys.... well my weekend was good.... thanks be to God for keeping us all alife to see another month..

That aside as y'all know i love music so i wanna give u my top 50 tracks that graced my portable music player !!

So for all my cool peeps here's the ....50 hotest tracks... Cheers
*drum roll* *crow cheers*

1. Black Eyed Peas- I got a feeling... Of The E.N.D album ( also get " im alive" and "imma be")

2. Kelly Clarkson- Already Gone (also get "I Do Not Hook Up")

3. Jay Sean- Down ft. Lil' Wayne ( ok ok, not that i like the track or smthing buh, its hot go get it)

4. Jay-Z- Run this Town ft. Rihanna and Kanye West.... off Blueprint 3 Album ( also get "venus vs. mars")

5. Mariah Carey- Obessesed... Of her Memoirs Album ( also get "Lovesick" demo for Rihanna)

6. Jordin Sparks- S.O.S(let the music play) off Battlefield album (also get "Break Them" prod. by Timbaland)

7. Cobra Starship- Good Girl Go Bad(single)

8. Keri Hilson- Knock You down FT. Ne-yo and Kanye West... off In A Perfect World Album ( othe tracks in place "Change Me ft. Akon")

9. Jojo- Forever in my life... off All i want is everything (also get "25 to life")

10. Fabolous- Throw it in a bag ft. The Dream... off Loso Way Album

11. Sean Kingston- fire burning... off Tomorrow Album

12. Pitbull- Hotel Room Service (also get "I knw you want me")

13. Beyonce- Sweet Dreams.. off I Am Sasha Fierce (also get "Scared Of Lonely")

14. Cobra Starship- Good girl go bad

15. Mario- Break up ft. Gucci Mane, Sean Garreth (hope thats spelt right)

16. Kanye West- Paranoid ft... off 808s and Heartbreaks (also get "Coldest Winter")

17. Shakira-La Loba, she wolf

18. Lady Gaga- Paparazzi... off The Fame album (also get "Lovegame")

19. Katy Perry- Wakin' up in vegas (also get "Thinking of you")

20. Jay-Z- D.O.A... off Blueprint 3 ( also get "Off That ft. Drake")

21. *new* 3Oh!3- Starstrukk... off WANT (also get "Don't Trust Me")

22. Whitney Houston- I look to you... off I look to you album (also get "Million dollar bill")

23. Mary J Blige- The One ft. Drake... off Unknown Album (also get "Do it again" ft. T.I)

24. Rihanna- Whippin' My Hair... off Dark Angels*leak*(also get "Te Amo")

25. Sean Paul- So Fine... off Imperial Blaze album

26. T.I- Remember Me ft. MJB (single before lockup)

27. Beyonce- Ave Mariah... off I Am sasha Fierce album( Also Get "Poison")

28. Neyo- Round n Round

29. Leona Lewis- illusion.. off Echo album (also get "Perfect Stranger")

30. Mr Hudson ft. Kanye- Supernova

31. Kid Cudi- Day N Night

32. One Republic- Won't Stop... single off a future album( also get "Hearing Voices" bonus from Dreaming Out Loud Album)

33. Pink- Bad Influence... last single off Funhouse album (also get "Crystal Ball")

34. Micheal Jackson- Thriller get the whole album the dude just died...lol

35. Plain White T's- 1,2.3.4... off Big Bad World album (also get the good old "Hey there Delilah")

36. The All-American Rejects- gives you hell... off When the world comes down Album

37. Shontelle- Battlecry... off Shontelligence Album (also get "Stuck wit each other ft. Akon")

39. Pussycat Dolls- hush hush and the remix... off Doll domination album( also get "lights, camera, action ft. New kids on the block)

40. Twista- Wetter... off Category f5 album (also get "On top ft. Akon")

41. Brandy- Fall off Human album ( also get "too little too late ft. Neyo and camouflage")

42. Britney Spears- Radar... off Circus album

43. Busta Rhymes- Respect my conglomerates... off Back On My Bullshit (also get "Hustler Anthem ft. Tpain" and "I got bass")

44. Ciara- Never Again ft. Young Jeezy... off Fantasy Ride (also get "Love, sex, magic ft. Justin and "work ft. Missy Elliot", "loversthing ft. The Dream")

45. David Archuleta- A little too not over you... off David Archuleta (also get "crush" and "touch my hand")

46. Dido- Quiet times... off Safe Trip Home album(also get "Look No Further")

47. Hilary Duff... Reach Out.. off her greatest hit album(also get "stranger" and "our lips are sealed ft. Haylie duff")

48. Drake and Lil' wayne- Successful

(also get "best i ever had")

49. Miley cyrus- Party in the USA from Hannah Montanna movie OST(also get "He could be the one")

50. New Boyz- you a jerk... off (also get "Tie me down ft. Ray J")

okay there you have it !! So go on and get them and have a happy new month !!.. List is open for improvement so if you got a track thats cool !! Just drop it and it may be added to it !!

Okay i end it here... So wish y'all a fruitful month ahead...
Be safe and drive carefully
happy 'Ember months
God be with you all.


  1. You've got GREAT taste in music. Right now i'm in love with Ave Maria, Radar, Sweetdreams...and practically every other thing on dat list. Nice! Me likey likey like!

  2. Happy new month to you too :)

  3. Nice collection. Have a great september.

  4. Quite an interesting list you've got there!

  5. I almost got 'em all...lol

  6. Great taste in music!!!

    I sooo love Kelly Clarkson's Already Gone and Knock You Down by Keri Hilson, Neyo and Kanye West

  7. Thanks Guys wish y'all the best in this month !!

  8. we were meant to be mehn....seriously.
    where do i even start self!
    i got a feeling-my ringtone love BEP

    Already gone....Kelly is just awesome

    Jay Sean,i used to have a crush on him back in his earlier days, Down, reminded me why :)

    It was high time someone gave Eminem a dose of his own medicine

    Break them is hawt...then again is Timbo baby

    Good girl go bad.....Great. Off my genre but i took a liking to this song first time i heard it playing in a friend's car....

    Keri Hilson is my girl...Dammit. she can do no wrong in my pwetty eyes. Knock u down was my number one song for months....i kid u not. Energy, Turnin me on...She awesome mehn! That's why R.kelly collabo-ed with her...R.keri baby...Number 1!

    So Happy for Jojo mehn...long time coming. good thing she sued her record label. stick it to the man!

    Fabolous...Just throw it in the bag, with the rest of the other fab stuff :)

    Shawty call 911, Finally, i was soo Happy to see him return with a BANG!

    Who doesn't love PITBULL!

    u cld be a sweet dream for a beautiful nightmare (trey songz oh ....Not u david )

    Get the whole album....808's and heartbreak. All them Kanye haters shld stop mehn. He is the definition of AWESOME :) Huge Ye fan right hurr...

    Okay she wolf, catchy but annoying...seriously. i always find myself singing it in the oddest of moments, it's annoying...

    Lady Gaga, not my kind of lady, but i LOVE her....my word. Fame, Paparazzi, love game....gosh! AWESOME !

    walkin gin vegas, better than Hot n cold, n i love that song :)

    Y'all knw JayZ is the ish, make no mistake abt that....Run this town, i play that ish everyday mehn....Damn that's HAWT!

    Overjoyed for Whitney, remember when r.kelly put up a clip for the song" i look to u" sayin he wrote it for her...great. Cant wait for her release date :)

    Boy dont u knw that i am the One....AWESOME! i wont change my life,my life just fine. I love me some MJB anyday!

    Yo, i heard Riri's got an album dropping this Nov....how true? (tell me u read every freaking thing i typed. u got me all hyped and ish)

    Just get Sean Paul's album, granted to be a hit! always is

    My love, TI. i support u even in the slummer... n with MJB....u cant go wrong. chilled vid too. Now if only he cld kick tiny's ass but then again they have been together for like forever...Damn!

    Y'all knw Leona is Major....i dnt even need to say ish mehn.

    Supernova...like i said, Ye fan ....

    Day n nite is my ish mehn....Kid Cudi is my dawg... right next to lUpe fiasco :)

    Pink is my girl...just get the bloody album..Funhouse.

    who doesnt knw MJ or own atleast one of his albums? u deserve to be shot! lol

    I wish SHontelle wld get more recognition...she good

    the PCD's ...iffy

    Guess who's back...Brandy's back. hear she is already working on another album....great

    on my Radar...u cant help but love a brit comeback

    Busta....listen to his remix with Taio cruz...Nice one :)

    Mehn that Work vid was HAWT....gats to give it to ciara.

    Love Crush...watched the whole of American Idol cuz of him...

    Drake...repping T-dot. one word....AWESOME. Took a long time b4 the world finally saw what i saw ages ago. From Replacement girl to Successful..everything... awesome. Get his mixtapes y'all
    How cld u forget my Hubby Trey Songz...OMG the READY album is FIREE! black rose, love lost, i need a girl, successful (which actually is his) Jupiter (he cld take me there anyday anytime. i am READY for u trey :) u gat my cell, call me . if wishes were horses
    Miley, Miley, Miley. not her biggest fan...truthfully NOT a fan, but i must say Party in the USA was good, except the Jayz name calling sounded desperate to me . just saying.

    Seriously, we need to hook up or something. swap Zunes or u an ipod user? ( Zune Lover right here....cant wait for the HD's to arrive...

    Okay i have to give others room, but seriously...

  9. @Chayoma
    OMG!! First of all you are AWESOME !! Oh 'bout Jojo she stil got no single out yet.. Just leaks and leaks :(
    Jay-Z album's out so far +reviews hope he gets a numb 1 debut
    and by the way whitney album is out already last month !! Go hear million dolar bill with Alicia Keys
    Riri album was set for 16 Nov. But i dnt think that will hold
    Mariah memoirs comes out 23rd of this mnth go get her second single " i want to knw what love is"
    and Shontelle maybe her next release :(
    and Trey Songz didnt knw he owned that i will put him up in the next top 50

  10. @emmy
    i just got Whit's album today.....So excited :)
    Please give my hubby Trey Songz a chance....HE DESERVES IT :)

    p.s. *sigh of relief* gosh i didnt know my comment was a mini post....I'm sorry.

  11. I will, i just got "i need a girl"... Not played it but im sure its awesome... And im cool wit the mini post comment no need for apologies.... Im even glad u did... Gudnyt


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