Monday, September 7, 2009

In My Shoes !!

****It's easy to point a finger and lay the blame,
assumed guilty even before being accused.
It takes a decade to build but only takes a day to destroy a name,
for even the biggest ship sank deep... when it got bruised.

I can't convince the world, i just need them to listen,
please judge me not too soon, allow me a word before they close the coffin.

See all the fingers pointed at me, are they not guilty too ?
For when you point one finger at me you got three pointing back at you.

I can't force you to see the truth wat use will that be ?
An innocent soul within but a guilty face is what you see.

This is an atonement listen to the uproars,
i beg you please be in my shoes for just a moment and i in yours.

Then you will feel as I,
i hope that feeling won't make you cry !! ****

Had a swell weekend only that my car broke down on my way to church, that kinda made me late but generally it was all good... I also want to thank Ms. "dufa for featuring my blog in her newbies list... And you all that took time to read my post.... Thanks y'all
Have a splendid week ahead......xx


  1. On point.
    we shldn't necessary judge a book by the painted cover. Give people a chance to reveal themselves.
    Especially those in the spotlight.
    Words are truly powerful.....


  2. Lol !! Right you are words are truely powerful... And yeah you are the

  3. pointing fingers, four back at you. Nice write-up.

    Hope your car is better and your week is going well? Take care

  4. Thanks man !!
    And no the car aint better it's still getting fixed... 1 problem after the other... *sigh*


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