Thursday, September 3, 2009

On My Mind !!

I ask myself alot of questions,

Could i have applied more precautions?
Would i have needed heavier sanctions?
Should i have waited for mor instructions?
At the moment my whole beings divided into several portions
stomach hurts so bad like i just took in concoctions.....

Please don't get me wrong,
i'm not saying that i am sprung,
Just that it hit me like a gong,
making me feel free like a good song,
but also in pain like i just got stunged.
These questions kept me thinking all night long.

If i will ever be sitting in the back seat of a Maybach,
never thought that i could be taken so aback,
how did lighter days turn so dark,
got me wishing i could get my loved ones back !!

Always loved to say "No Regrets"
aspired to soar young enought like 'em golden eaglets,
trapped in a small world like one of them midgets,
who didnt listen to their aunt Bridgets
and became like "Dr. Fix it" worn out gadgets,

These are things i never wanna experience,
might depend on my act of deligence,
how i am going to be able to know right from wrong and spot the difference,
i just got to pray in complete obedience,
that the God's light will be my guidiance,
and the Holy Spirit will come to my defence...

Even if the next minute im eating pasta and watching my friends drink rum !
Saying i'm gonna take the world by storm !
'cos God been by my side since the day i was born !!

Getting my money, my wife my car !
Things like these can change everything we are !!

But there's one thing i'll never forget !!

And that's the ones i love and where i come from !!


  1. First? YAY!

    Lovely rhymed poem, and it conveys the meaning so clearly. Many questions in life but it's good you know where your anchor is.

  2. 2nd !! Yipee..

    Im liking this, happy frndshipday to you too :) :)...xoxo

  3. @Myne ... Lol !! Yeah you're the first... Thanks and happy friendship day
    @Anonymous... Thanks..x

  4. Awwww....I like..

    A LOT!!

    lol....Happy Friendship Day!

    All these holidays that me I haven't even heard of! lol..

  5. Oh Thanks thanks.... And d whole frndship day tingy
    Lol !! I kinda found last year !! :)

  6. Nice poem! Love d rhymes! Friendship day? Really??? Just hearing that one. It's cool though.

  7. hey just wanna welcome u to blogsville,guess u are addicted to music as i do,check me out,cheers

  8. @Ms. Dufa... Thanks
    @Muyiwa.. Thanks and i wil check that out now

    hope you enjoy it here

    WARNING: BE WARE OF THE...**leaves blood trail**

  10. @David.... Lol !! Beware of ??? N Where does the blood trail lead ?
    @Chayoma... Thanks

  11. Sounds more like rap music than a poem..
    I guess your writing is influenced by your music as well then..?

  12. @RocNaija... Yeah smfin lyk
    @Neo.... Thanks man

  13. Oops !! Sawri didnt


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