Friday, September 11, 2009

A.T.M (Addicted To Music) 09/09

**** Hello Guys,

SONG OF THE WEEK: Madonna - Celebration

how has your week been going? Mine is horrible.. Been having car trouble since sunday !! *sigh* i problem after another... Anyone wants to buy a Toyota Previa '03?
(looking round)... I guess not.. *sigh*

Anyway for all my music peeps in the house... Update ur music players
here we go this weeks 10 Music Players Must haves !!

1 > Mariah Carey - I Want To Know What Love is( this is the second single from her Memoirs album... A cover of The same song by Foriegner...Totally awesome so go get it also get "Angel Cry" strong emotional song)

2 > 3OH!3 - Starstrukk ft. Katy Perry ( Single from WANT album)

3 > Kid Cudi - Make Her Say ft. Kanye west, Common ( its just awesome so go get it)

4 > Jeremih - Imma Star (Second Single from "JEREMIH" go get that too)

5 > Plesure P - Under ( single from "The Introduction Of Marcus Cooper" also get "Boyfriend #2" its cool)

6 > R. Kelly ft. Keri Hilson - Number 1

(single from unamed future album)

7 > Trey Songz - LOL :-) ( From his album "READY" also get "I Need a girl")

8 > Flo Rida ft. Ne-Yo - Be On You ( single from R.O.O.T.S album also get "Jump ft. Nelly Furtado", "Shone ft. Plesure P" and "Touch me")

9 > Drake - The One ( 3rd and 4th single from "So Far Gone" mixtape/Ep)

10 > Colbie Caillat - Fallin' For You

(also get Jason Mraz... Lucky thx Ms. 'dufa)

**** there you have it.. Side attractions are

* Beyonce >> Slow Love (leak)

* Jay-Z >> Venus Vs. Mars (leak-Blueprints 3)

* LMFAO >> Im in Miami Trick (single)

* Twista ft. Erika Shevon >> Wetter (Category F5 album)

* Jay-Z ft. Kanye >> Hate (Blueprints 3)

* Three 6 Mafia ft. Kalenna >> shake my (Single)

* Boys Like Girls >> Love Drunk (single)

* David Guetta ft. Akon >> Sexy Bitch (single)

* Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys >> Empire State Of Mind (Blue Prints 3)

* Leona Lewis >> Perfect Stranger

keep on rocking ur music player, have a splendid weekend !! And please pray for my car to be


  1. I like Colbie! Especially cus of the song with Jason Mraz, Lucky.

    Good luck with ur car

  2. cool blues... I love that song too... Have a great weekend !!
    *singing* (lucky im in love wit my best frnd....La la la)


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