Wednesday, October 14, 2009

dont tell me you didnt see it... duh !!

I dont get it at all...
Is it just me or Facebook is becoming boring !! *sigh* *sigh*
ok it's just me !!
Anyhow itz nt that boring like boooring just that i get on facebook err day !! Just to reply mails 4rm my friends and wall post comment ( it pisses me off when i post on yur wall and then u comment on my wall post aarrgghhh !!!)

that aside what i dont get again is thoes guyz on facebook that wont reply your comment !!
I dnt get that.... Ok for instance i Emmy go to ur not so fashionable picture (a dead guy...Lol) with my big head and post a subtle or cool comment... And like im waiting for your answer then the guy go and update his/her status and ignore that comment lyk the ish aint there in the first place !! Or i carry my bighead and post on ur wall/status and the bruva or chika !! Dun even bother to reply !! Like i wuz saying rubbish.... Huh !! And then i see yo updating yoz status !! To some random and insane stupid ish that no one likes or comment !! Or wat youz dun hav anythang to say to "yur pix is cool"(when its nt) and "thx" iz too hard to type...

Oh pls... I knw im guilty of that sometyms buh i dnt expect a mutual treatment...Lol
did i just put "lol" ok that brings me to another rant !!
what with the "lol" syndrome like err 1 got it..Lol people dunt even knw when to shut thier mouths then i update a serious status on facebook like "my dog is sick" and u go write "lol" or u click "like" i dnt get it is it that u are laffing that my dog is sick or u like the fact my dog is sick !!! Although i cant say i dnt like the attention buh my guys shuld do it wiv thier senses...Lol knw then to put that "lol"....Lol
oops i just put that and i didnt even make a joke...Lol
and i did that again... Oh well what more can i say !! Buh LOL...Lol
now i feel better letting that out !!!
Im a bit random 2day.. As usaul like my friend tell me !!...Lol (humm)

My Lil' rant here was written while i was listening to : IYAZ- REPLAY and JOJO- I HATE LOVE (cos i do.. Maybe i wil write on d@ 1 of these days) till then...Xxx bye...Lol

*sigh* i just wrote "lol" again !!


  1. Oh fingers are itching to type 'lol'..but I'm scared!! let it out! Rant rant rant!! LOL... ;O)

  2. LMAO (thats not LOL now?)...I feel u on that one, facebook is really boring 4 me.

  3. Yeah !! Ms. Dufa lngst time... Have you seen the new Facebook !!

  4. i loathe the new facebk, its so!


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