Monday, December 28, 2009

From the corner watching

An uncommon silence broke... What did you say i asked.. Everyone had a confused look on our faces.. It happened that we were just hanging out on a saturday my friends and i.. Gisting about the somewhat stressful semester we were having when i ask about my friend Uyi and i just got to know that he had hunged himself a few days back...

It happened that my friend had giving no one any indication that he was having a problem.. The day he died or better still the day of his sucide he had his lunch as usaul and a fun day i gathered when i went to see his family in benin..

The story goes thus that he had a visit form his girlfriend and every thing was going well.. They had not had a fight or quarrel.. His mum says she could swear she heard them laughting atimes.. I even called him up that day and asked why he had delayed returning to school that he was missing out bigtime.. He was jovial as usaul..

He had excorted his girl off according to his younger brother before he locked himself in his room for the night
It was early in the morning that he refused to come and attend to some of his visitors that they forcefuly entered his room only to find that the guy just hunged himself with the rope from the well to the fan and stood on a speaker and died before morning

The question on every ones lips was what caused him to kill himself... His girlfriend said they had planned to go out in a few days time and was suprised to find out as she left he killed himself... I just stood from afar watching people tear themself up.. I just didnt have any emotion to show to me it was kind of funny that the guy should just kill himself like that.. I even laught at some point..(joke)

A few days later we heard that his family had a meeting and decided he would not be buried that he must be throw into a bush that it was a sign of ill fate that a person should kill himself without reason... That it was forbidden in their family that one should commit sucide... I was suprised that in this morden age people still run things that way...

It was sad that even the mother of all people was the person enforcing that he must be thrown away that if they should bury him ill fate will befall their family for three generation..

Sad i must say i was too pissed to stay to i left back to school.. I didnt ask again if he was thrown or where but i do know this that he was not buried and that till date as i an typing no one knows why he had killed himself..

I was blogging this listening to Spice girls viva forever....
Other than this the semester was filled will twists and cracks ... Im just going to take my time and write all them events before the new year...


  1. awww...this is o sad.....I'm sure he had a reason, maybe something he couldnt share with anyone....people just dont commit sucide for the fun of it.

  2. Yeah i know... Thanks for taking time to read this..

  3. Reminds me of the would be suicide bomber who comes from a very rich home. Who knows why people do these things? Sometimes it's a mental problem.

  4. maybe oh... congratulations on your book Mayne... i have be3n offline since.. i just found out...


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