Thursday, December 31, 2009

~What a morning~

Three blades just start spinning
'n' I can hear a baby screaming.
at the ground floor a security system's
Suddenly this sixty-sixty starts ringing.
It's ascending ringtone's giving me a
"brooklyn we go hard by J.
Flippin' it open while descending from
the one-foot-five, my temper's gettin'
cos my caller's got me so ill n looking
like I'm in a sick bay.
'Feel like dissin' this 'boy' but amazingly
I've got nothin' to say.
At this time my soles are ground
Almost same time I'm withdrawing
these size thirteens like I stepped on
Only reason is 'cos the ground's so cold
as hell,
I feel like it's a license to yell....
This 'drama' 's kinda funny right?
But the next stage made me alright
'cos I looked outside my window to see
the sight.
A baby's giggling, same babe who was
being so loud.
Ninety degrees up is the sky 'n' I can
barely see a cloud.
OMG... I'm sighing aloud.
Can I play a bit with this baby (that's if
I'm allowed.
I don't think so 'cos 'baby's dad's
looking 'ultra mean'.
While voice from afar's singing ''I have
a dream'', causing my joy to be full to
the brim...
A smile on my face, I think I need some
wrote this a while back and jurt wanted to post it before the new year ...

Posted this listening to the Element Of Freedom by Alicia Keys 'Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart'


Com'on Say it... I knw u wanna :D